LASA is an organization that encourages and supports the integration of Hispanic students into the University of South Florida(USF) and the Tampa Bay Area. This is accomplished through educational, cultural, and social programs sponsored by the organization.The Latin American Student Association has been bridging cultures since its foundation in 1986. Our purpose is to provide a socially interactive and inclusive atmosphere for L.A.S.A. members and the broader Tampa Bay community. This environment enhances education, while also promoting awareness of the Latin American culture. We also educate and encourage our members to be culturally aware and knowledgeable about the diversity that exists within the Latin community.


Our vision includes having a diverse body of members from all cultural backgrounds working together to close the cultural gaps that exist in society. Through this association, L.A.S.A. will offer support and motivation to every one of our members; providing a home away from home

Es Lo Que Hacemos!

In achieving our goals, L.A.S.A. Coordinates events on and off the U.S.F. campus in an attempt to create a positive educational, cultural, and social environment for all students

General Meetings are held every Wednesday in the fall semester at 5:30 pm in the Marshall Student Center room 3711. Here at LASA we try to do the following:
  • Promoting Diversity
  • Involving Tradition
  • Accepting Change
  • Learning about our Community

LASA continues to be one of the largest organizations at USF and every year it offers great opportunities to everyone involved. Remember that you don't have to Latin to join in the fun!